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HP LaserJet 3050/3052/3055/3390/3392 All-in-One Printers - Installing Printer Software in Compatibility Mode for Microsoft Windows 2003 Server


HP LaserJet 3050/3052/3055/3390/3392 AIO - Installing printer software in Compatibility Mode for Windows 2003 Server operating system


Please note that the complete printing software for Windows 2003 operating system is unavailable for this printer. However, you may install the printing software in compatibility mode to run on Windows 2003 Server.

You may download the software from the following HP URL:

Once the page opens, please perform the following steps:

1. Click 'download drivers & software '.
2. Select the HP LaserJet 3055 printer.
3. Select the Operating System .( Windows XP)
4. Click the HP LaserJet 3050/3052/3055/3390/3392 North America/Western Europe Full Software Solution .
5. Select the Language (English) and click 'download '.

After the download completes, right click the hp_LJ3050-3052-3055-3390-3392_Full_Solution_AMWE.exe file and go to the compatibility tab. Then check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for.. " check box and choose XP in the drop down. Then click OK and run the EXE. This will extract all installation files to your computer.

Before running the installation, print a Network Configuration page to get the IP address of the printer. The Network configuration page lists the current settings and properties of the all-in-one.

To print the Network configuration page from the All-in-One, complete the following steps.

1. On the control panel, press Menu .
2. Use the < or the > button to select Reports, and then press Enter button.
3. Use the < or the > button to select Network report, and then press Enter button.

Use the following instructions to install the printer:

First cancel the installations and run the scrubber utility from the CD. This will remove any files that could cause a conflict from the failed installation. The scrubber.exe and scrubber.ini files are located in the following directory on the CD: x:\util\CCC (x is the name of the CD ROM drive).

Then proceed with the following steps:

1. Perform a clean boot: A clean boot is a restart of Windows with no applications running and with as few extra drivers loading as possible. Extra drivers are often installed by applications that are installed after the initial installation of Windows XP.

a. Click Start , and then click Run . The Run window appears.
b. In the Open box, type msconfig and then click OK . The System Configuration Utility appears.
c. Click the General tab.
d. Select Selective Startup .
e. Clear all the processing options that are listed below Selective Startup except "Load System Services."
f. Click Apply , and then click OK .

g. When you are prompted to restart the computer, click Yes .

2. Run Setup from the files that were extracted previously and click 'Install HP LaserJet Software ' in the start up screen.
3. In the Welcome to Install Wizard window, click Next .
4. In the 'Check for Update s' window, click No .
5. In the 'Installation Options ' window, choose 'Typical ' and click Next .
6. Choose 'I accept ' and click Next in the License Agreement.
7. Choose 'Install HP extended Capabilities' and click Next .
8. Click Next in the window that shows you the Location of the folder the software will install to.
9. Click Next on the 'Ready to Install Window '.
10. Choose the 'HP LaserJet 3052/3055/3390/3392' printer model and click Next .
11. Choose 'Through the Network ' and click Next .
12. In the 'Identify Printer ' window, choose, 'Specify printer by address ' and click Next .
13. In the 'Specify Printer ' window, choose IP address. Type in the IP address that you found on the Network Configuration page and click Next .
14. After the printer is found, choose, 'Yes, install this printer ' and click Next .
15. If you wish to, you can click 'Change TCP/IP Settings ' to change the IP address.
16. Click Restart .
17. Click Finish . The computer should restart.

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