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HP Designjet T610 and T1100 Printer Series - Firmware Version

This release includes the following fixes:

  • This new firmware release includes new PostScript libraries that improve the processing time with large PostScript jobs (A0 for example). This improvement can be seen when using the PostScript driver to rotate an image, depending of the page size, the processing time has been reduced.

  • If the customer is using mapping software applications that are available in the market to generate HP-GL/2 files, without the using the HP-GL/2 driver, the job could take a long time to process (in comparison with other HP Designjet printers).

  • The cutter functionality has been improved by adding a cutter position check. To avoid the cutter bumping with the service station, the cutter’s position is checked every time the window is opened while the printer is in Ready status. This check will move the cutter to its position on the left side of scan axis, this will prevent possible cutter failures.

  • An unstable network can cause the printer to hang when it is in sleep mode status. The new firmware includes improved connectivity to the network, which is better able to deal with an unstable network.

  • Updated: System error 81:03 could appear randomly during the printing process. This new firmware includes fixes for various problems that can trigger 81:03 system errors.

This release includes the following enhancements:

  • When an Ink Cartridge becomes empty, the printer will now pause until a new Ink Cartridge is installed. In previous firmware releases, when an Ink Cartridge became empty while printing, the current print was cancelled and the paper was cut. With the new firmware the print will resume after the cartridge has been replaced.

  • New service functionalities with improved security capabilities. This feature prevents certain printer connectivity information from being displayed on the Front Panel.

    • IP hiding from the front panel main screen Service menu, Service Utilities, Enable Hide FP Information.

    • Disabling port 280 from external access Service menu, Service Utilities, Enable/Disable Port280.

    • Printer information pages (Embedded web Server, Support, Service support, Printer information) are protected by a password when is enabled.

To be noted during the firmware upgrade process:

During the upgrading of the printer firmware to the new release, a warning code may be displayed on the front panel 68:03 immediately after the first reboot, if this occurs perform an additional reboot:

  1. Power Off the printer by using the Front Panel power button.

  2. If after pressing the power Off button, the printer does not power Off, use the rear switch button located next to the power cord.

    Figure 1: Rear switch button

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