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HP PSC 1315, 1315v, 1315xi, and 1315s All-in-One Printers - Resolving Installation Problems in Windows


This document helps identify and resolve common product installation issues. If you tried to install your printer software and you think the installation failed, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Make sure that the product hardware works correctly

Software installation might fail if the product is not operating correctly. Use the following instructions to print an extended self-test report to test product functionality. If the product successfully prints a self-test report, it is working properly.

  1. Press and hold down the Cancel button.

  2. Press the Start Copy, Color button. The product prints an extended self-test report.

The exact color pattern that prints on the extended self-test report depends on the combination of cartridges you have installed.

If an extended self-test report did not print, see the Related Information section on this page.

Related information

For more troubleshooting options about similar or related issues, try the steps presented in one of the following documents. Click the title of the document to view the information.

  • Paper Jam (c01577197) (in English): Resolve paper jam problems.

  • Lights Flashing or Blinking on the Control Panel (c01578337) (in English): The lights on the product control panel are flashing or blinking, alone or in combination. Find what the blinking lights mean and the issue resolution.

  • 'The print carriage is stalled' Message Displays on the Computer (c01577214) (in English): Resolve print carriage issues, such as the error message 'The print carriage is stalled' displaying on the computer. The product might also stop printing or not print at all, the product might make a grinding noise, or the product control panel might flash blinking lights.

Additional information

HP offers additional resources for information on your product. HP recommends exploring these resources.

If you are looking for additional information on this topic or topics not discussed on this page, click here (c01577341) (in English).

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