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HP Compaq dc7100 Small Form Factor (SFF) PC - No Video Using the ADD2 Module


HP Compaq dc7100 Small Form Factor (SFF) PC is unable to render video to the digital output (DVI-D port) when using the ADD2 module provided with option part DY674A (spares part number 361265-001 ). The connected display may or may not be recognized by the Intel graphics driver (DDC information is properly collected) and can be properly configured. However, no image is shown on screen. The connected monitor will likely show no video , no signal , or check cable and will enter a low power and off state.


HP Compaq dc7100 SFF PC uses a lane reversed ADD2 module and not a normal ADD2 module. The correct option part for HP Compaq dc7100 SFF lane reversed ADD2 module is DY673A (spares part number 361264-001 ).

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