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HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - No Sound From the Front Audio Port on the Computer (Windows Vista)

This document applies to HP and Compaq desktop computers with Windows Vista.

When you plug speakers to the green audio port on the back of your computer, sound can be heard from the speakers. However, when you plug in your speaker or headphones to the green audio jack on the front of the computer, sound cannot be heard. When this happens, simply restarting the computer can sometimes fix this problem. However, if the problem continues, even after the computer has been restarted, then use the following steps to fix the problem.

Step 1: Reinstall the original audio driver

Uninstall the audio driver from Device Manager and reinstall the audio driver:

  1. Connect to the Internet.

  2. Click Start , enter device manager into the Start Search field, and click Device Manager from the Programs list.

    The device manager window opens.

  3. Double-click Sound, video and game controllers .

    Figure 1: Sound device in Device Manager

    Device Manager showing the audio device name
  4. Right-click the name of the audio device listed under Sound, video and game controllers.

  5. Select Uninstall and then read and respond to the windows that open to uninstall the audio device.

  6. After the audio device has been uninstalled, reinstall the audio driver as follows:

    1. Click Start , All Programs , and then PC Help & Tools .

    2. Click Recovery Manager .

    3. At the Welcome window, click the Advanced button.

    4. Select Reinstall hardware drivers that came with your computer .

    5. Click Next twice and select the name of the audio hardware that came with your computer. For example, Realtek High Definition Audio or SoundMax ADI Audio.

    6. Click Next .

    7. Read and respond to the windows that to install the audio driver.

  7. After the audio device has been reinstalled, restart the computer.

  8. Test the front port by plugging headphones into the lime green audio port on the front of the computer and playing music.

    If sound problems persist, continue to the next Section.

Step 2: Disable jack detection in Realtek Audio Manager

If your computer has Realtek Sound Manager, you might be able to fix this problem by disabling jack detection from the Realtek Sound Manager software.

If your computer does not have Realtek Sound Manager, skip this step.

  1. Double-click the Realtek Audio Manager icon in the Notification area next to the clock, and then click Sound Manager.

    Figure 2: Opening Sound Manager

    Opening Sound Manager
  2. In the Realtek Audio Manager, click the Connector Settings icon (the yellow folder on the right). Then remove the selection from Enable Jack detection when device is plugged in .

    Figure 3: Disabling jack detection

    Disabling jack detection
    1 - Connector settings icon
    2 - Enable Jack detection
  3. Click OK to save the setting.

    You should now be able to hear sound from the front audio jack. If not, continue to the next step.

Step 3: Check internal cables

Check the wiring inside the computer to make sure the front panel cables are connected to the motherboard.

  1. Turn off the computer and unplug the power cable.

  2. Remove the side panel.

  3. Follow the wires that come from the front inside of the case to the connection on the motherboard.

  4. If it is obvious that a cable is not fully seated into its socket on the motherboard, press the end of the cable fully onto the pins on the motherboard.

  5. If a wire is disconnected, it might be difficult finding where it connects. to Reading the small letters on the motherboard next to pins that are not connected might provide a clue to the location of the connection. F_Panel, F_Audio, FP_Audio, and F_Line-in are examples of labels on the motherboard for pins that connect to front panel. You can also refer to the motherboard layout diagram on your computer's motherboard specification. The online motherboard specification support document can be found on your PC Support page in the Product Information category.

  6. After checking the wiring, replace the side panel, plug in power and turn on the computer.

You should now be able to hear sound from the front audio jack. If not, the sound hardware may not be able to switch the audio signal to the front ports and the computer might require service to replace the sound card or motherboard.

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