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HP 35s Calculator - Calculator Display Questions


This document addresses possible display questions for the HP 35s calculator.

Clearing 'b', 'h', or 'o' that appear after the numbers on the HP 35s display

The ‘BASE’ menu allows entering numbers and forcing the display of numbers in decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal formats. The base sign 'b', 'o', or 'h' following the number indicates whether the numbers are binary, octal, or hexadecimal. A number without a base sign is a decimal number.

To set the calculator’s base mode:
  1. Press and release .
  2. Press the number corresponding to the desired base, “1” for decimal, etc.

Enabling or disabling the comma as the thousands separator on HP 35s calculator

The HP 35s uses both periods and commas to make numbers easier to read. Either a period or a comma can be selected as the decimal point (radix). In addition, the thousands separator can be selected to separate digits into groups of three.

To enable or disable the comma as the thousands separator:
  1. Enter the ‘Display’ menu by pressing and releasing .
  2. Scroll down using the down silver arrow key.

  3. Select option (71,000) to disable the comma as thousands separator, or select option (8100000) to enable the comma as the thousands separator.

Changing the display of HP 35s between fractional display mode and the current display setting in the Display menu

The HP 35s allows entering fractions and displaying them in either decimal or fractional formats. In fractional display mode, numbers are evaluated internally as decimal numbers, and then displayed using the most precise fractions allowed. To toggle fractional display mode on and off, press .

When fractional display mode is turned off, the screen displays numbers in the active setting in the 'Display' menu. Choosing another format via this menu also turns off fractional display mode, if active.

Clearing 'GRAD' in the display of HP 35s calculator

The 'GRAD' annunciator in the display indicates that the gradient angular mode is the current setting for trigonometric functions. To clear this, press and then select 1DEG from the menu and press .

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