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HP 2140 Fax - Replacing the Cartridge


This document contains steps for installing a replacement cartridge in the product. Before you perform the following steps, make sure the replacement cartridge is compatible with your product.

Part number
Image of HP 701 Ink Cartridge packaging
HP 701 Black Inkjet Cartridge

Replacing ink cartridges

Follow these steps to replace the cartridge in the product.

Step one: Open the product

  1. Press the Access Cartridge button on the product control panel. The carriage moves to the access position.

  2. Open the control panel, and then the cartridge compartment cover.

    Figure 1: Open access doors

    illustration of opening control panel, and then cartridge compartment cover
    1 - Open control panel
    2 - Open cartridge compartment

Step two: Replace the old cartridge

  1. Push down on the cartridge to release it from the carriage, and then lift it up and out of the product.

    Figure 2: Remove the old cartridge

    illustration of removing the old cartridge
  2. Remove the new cartridge from its packaging, and then pull the pink tab to remove the clear protective tape.

    Figure 3: Prepare new cartridge

    illustration of preparing a new cartridge
    CAUTION: Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or re-tape the cartridge.

    Figure 4: Do not touch contacts

    warning not to touch the cartridge contacts
  3. Hold the cartridge with the label on top.

    Figure 5: Label on top

    illustration of holding the cartridge with label on top
  4. With the copper-colored contacts facing into the carriage, insert the cartridge into the carriage at upward angle. Push the cartridge up, and then into the carriage until it snaps into place.

    Figure 6: Install cartridge

    illustration of install the cartridge
    1 - Insert cartridge
    2 - Push cartridge up
    3 - Push cartridge in
    NOTE: If the cartridge moves loosely in the carriage, it has not clicked into place. Repeat this step.
  5. Close the cartridge compartment cover, and then the control panel.

Step three: Align the cartridge

  1. Press the Start button ( ) on the product control panel.

  2. Press 1 to indicate you installed a new cartridge.

    The product prints an alignment page and 06 [01-11] displays on the control panel.

    Figure 7: Alignment page prints

    illustration of alignment page printing
  3. Review the alignment page, and then select the number under the straightest line.

  4. Press that number on the keypad, and then press the OK button ( ).

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