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HP Color LaserJet 2820/2840AiO, CM1312MFP, CM2320MFP, LaserJet M1522MFP and M2727MFP - Scan to a Network Share Drive


This document will help in setting up a Scan Destination for a Network folder.
NOTE: The PC through which we are creating these scan destinations needs to be turned ON in order to perform a “Scan to” from device.


This is a two step process for creating this destination:

  1. Setup a Network Share on PC
  2. Setup a Scan Destination in HP Scan Software.

Setup a Network Share on PC

Perform the following steps to create a Network Share:

  1. Right-click on My Network Places or on the My Computer icon on the desktop.

  2. Select Map Network Drive.

  3. Select a Drive and under Folder specific the share folder path, for example: “\\\network”.

  4. Click on Finish.

NOTE: The network share should be given Full Access and create a new folder on this drive, for example: Scanning

Setup a Scan Destination in HP Scan Software

  1. Open HP LaserJet Scan , path to access Scan software : Start > Programs > HP > HP LaserJet > Scan .

  2. Click Setup.

  3. Select Create a new destination with settings that I will specify and click on Next .

  4. Under Destination select Save it to my computer and click Next.

  5. Under File Information click on Browse , select the drive which we had mapped to the computer, select the desired folder and click OK.

  6. Save the settings by specifying a name and click on Save. The scan destination will appear in the Scan Option. The example below uses the name “Testing for network share”.

NOTE: The scanning will depend on the network speed as the file is getting saved to a network destination.
If the issue is still not resolved then check the following:
  • Check the firmware version on the device. Print a Configuration Page from the control panel of the device, the firmware datecode will be listed on it. This needs to be compared with the latest version available on the If there is a newer version on the web then upgrade the firmware on the device . Note that not all devices support a remote firmware upgrade.

    To view any available driver/software/firmware updates that are available for your product, CLICK HERE to go to the Software & Driver Downloads web page. Under Select a task and enter a product name/number: , click Download drivers and software (and firmware) then enter your product name or model number and click on the arrow to the right of the search box to view any available driver/software/firmware updates for your product. To view and download them, click on your operating system. Note that these updates are product and operating system specific. Also, they may not be available for all operating systems and products.

  • Verify that Device Polling is turned on.

  • A Firewall blocking the Toolbox application, not allowing communication to the device.

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