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HP XP24000/XP20000/StorageWorks XP12000/StorageWorks XP10000 Disk Arrays - Battery Life SIM Setting


The Battery Life SIM setting has been done incorrectly.


Batteries in the Raid500 series and Raid600 series are certified for three years. There will be a SIM warning that the batteries are about to expire. This SIM should be generated three months prior to the actual 3-year anniversary of the installation date.

The factory default value for the Battery Life SIM setting is 810 days. This is NOT the correct setting to be left on the array after installation. There have also been some reports that the value set at the factory has been 790 days. This is also NOT correct.

At installation time, the Battery Life SIM setting should be set to 990 days.

This is documented in the Maintenance Manual - SVP02-1100 for the Raid500 and SVP02-1230 for the Raid600.

If a mis-setting was made, or if the setting is required to be reset by any maintenance activity, simply deduct 90 days from the date of the 3-year anniversary of the installation, calculate the number of days remaining, and correct the Battery Life SIM setting. This correction can be made at any time, and does not affect operation of the array.

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