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HP ProCurve Switches - Recurrent "lldp: PVID mismatch" Informational Messages are Raised in the Syslog


Two ProCurve switches are connected through a point-to-point tagged link. The logging buffer on each device is polluted with recurring informational messages similar to these:

I 02/07/10 16:05:13 00828 lldp: PVID mismatch on port 22(VID 0)with peer device port 117(VID 1)(9555)
I 02/07/10 16:01:05 00828 lldp: PVID mismatch on port 117(VID 1)with peer device port 22(VID 0)(9555)


The PVID - which stands for Port VLAN ID - is one of the optional TLVs (Type, Length, Value) carried out in LLDP frames as part of the protocol operations. The PVID for a given port indicates the VLAN ID that will be associated with an untagged or priority tagged data frame received on the port.

In the situation above, the mismatch came from a configuration mistake where a port would have been left an untagged member of VLAN 1 (hence the "VID 1" being advertised by LLDP on that port) on the first device, while the port on the other device would not be an untagged member of any VLAN (hence the "VID 0").

Syncing the two ports VLAN configuration will solve the issue.

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