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HP Scanjet 7000 Sheet Feed Scanner - Tips to Avoid Paper Jam


User may experience frequent paper feeding problems and paper jams. Most of these problems can be identified and fixed by user. This document describes paper handling guidelines and different steps that can be performed to avoid paper jams.


General scan tips :

  • Make sure the paper meets the size and weight specifications as specified in the user guide.

  • Avoid papers with wrinkles, curls, cuts, clips and staples, adhesive notes or flags and wet surface.

  • Do not load more than the maximum number of pages. (The maximum capacity of the document feeder is 50 sheets of 75 g/m2.)

  • The paper guides must be touching the sides of the paper stack to work properly.

  • In the scanning software, set the page size to match the width and length of the paper that is being used.

  • Occasional cleaning of the scanner helps ensure high-quality scans and minimum paper jams. As a guideline, clean the rollers and paper path after every 5,000 scans.

  • If cleaning of rollers doesn’t help and still leading to misfeed/paperjams, replace the rollers.

    NOTE: The rollers are designed for 100,000 scans under normal usage.

Usage tips :

  • Paper jam can be because of mismatch in paper size. Please specify page size and orientation exactly as per original.

  • Select page size as “Business card” to scan ID cards, business cards and credit cards.

  • Thick papers like post cards and photos will lead to paper jam continuously and will not allow scanning. This is because of ultrasonic detection system senses thick papers as multi-feed. The error appears as below:

    NOTE: Hardware (Misfeed) Multipick Detection is available on the HP Scanjet 7000. This scanner can support paper weights up to 120 g/m2.

In this case user can disable multi-pick detection system in scan profile to scan thick papers.

Procedure :

  1. Open the HP Smart Document Scan Software.

  2. Select a scan profile, and then click Edit .

  3. On the Scan tab of the Profile Settings dialog box, click Advanced Settings .

  4. Click on the More tab of the Properties dialog box, uncheck misfeed detect system .

    NOTE: This is applicable to the profile edited only.

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