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HP Scanjet Scanners - Mac OS X: How to Connect the Scanner and Install the Software


Click here to view the document titled HP Scanjet Scanners - Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and HP Scanjet support

The following instructions detail how to connect the scanner to a Macintosh computer and install the software. How to scan from the Mac after this is completed is also detailed.


Unlike Microsoft Windows operating systems, on a Macintosh computer the USB cable can be connected either Before or After installing the software. Use the following instructions in the order listed:

  1. Make sure both the Mac and HP Scanjet are powered on .

  2. Connect the square end of the USB cable to the scanner and the rectangular end of the USB cable to an open USB port on the Macintosh Computer.

  3. Check if the Scanjet is getting detected in the Apple System Profiler .

    1. To Open System Profiler, Click on theApple menu and Select About This Mac , then click on More Info button from the next Pop-up Window.

    2. The Apple System Profiler window will be displayed. Check if the HP Scanjet is getting detected under theUSB Section as shown in the Figure below:

      NOTE: If the device is not getting detected in the System Profiler, make sure the USB cable is directly connected to the Macintosh computer and it is powered ON. Also, avoid using any USB Hub. try changing the USB cable and be sure to use only HP recommended USB cables which are not more than 5 meters in length.
    3. Insert the Macintosh Installation CD or Double-click on the downloaded Installation file to start the installation, see the Figure below.

    4. Follow the onscreen installation wizard, see the Figure below.

    5. Read and Accept the HP License Agreement , see the Figure below.

    6. Select the Type of Installation (Easy Install is Recommended , Click on theCustomize button for Custom Install , see the Figure below.

    7. Authenticate by entering the Administrator Password , see the Figure below.

    8. Watch the Progress Bar to check the approximate time duration for the installation, see the Figure below.

    9. Click Restart to complete the installation process, see the Figure below.

    10. After the Restart, please launch HP Device Manager , and scan a document to test the installation.

      To launch HP Device Manager , Click on "Finder " icon on the DOCK and open Applications , and then Hewlett-Packard , see the Figure below..

      NOTE: HP Device Manager can be directly launched by clicking on the same icon on the Dock.
    11. Several options can be found in HP Device Manager to scan documents. Click on Open HP Scan to scan Pictures or Documents with default settings and click on theChoose button, see the Figure below.

    12. Once the Choose option is clicked, the scanning process will begin, see the Figure below.

    13. The scanned image will be displayed, click on the Save icon as shown in the Figure below:

    14. The file can be saved in the required format and to the desired folder as shown in the Figure below:

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