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HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Server - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find detailed information on the DL380 G7 specifications and supported options?

The DL380 G7 QuickSpecs include descriptions of all models of the ProLiant DL380 G7 and an extensive list of supported options from HP.


What is the difference between DL380 G7 Entry, Efficiency, Base, Performance Models?

The new ProLiant DL380 G7 offers four partially configured models with different processor models, Smart Array RAID controllers, memory capacity, and other options. The exact specs for these models can be found in the server QuickSpecs under the 'Model' heading.


What new product specific options are available for the ProLiant DL380 G7 server?

The DL380 G7 offers optional support for an internal tape/optical drive; second small form factor (SFF) hard drive cage; and large form factor (LFF) hard drive cage. For a complete list of options, including product specific, please refer to the 'Options' section of the server QuickSpecs.


What DL380 G6 options can be shared with the DL380 G7?

All options supported on G6 will be supported on G7.


What operating systems are supported on the ProLiant DL380 G7?

Operating system support includes:

  • Microsoft Windows 2003 (all version except for DataCenter edition)

  • Microsoft Windows 2008

  • LINUX 5 (Red Hat®, SuSE®, United)

  • Solaris 10

  • VMware (ESX3.5,ESX4, ESXi4.OU4)/ Xen Source/RH and SLES XEN/ Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

For a complete and up-to-date listing of supports OS's and versions, please visit our OS Support Matrix.


Does the DL380 G7 support video graphics cards?

Yes, the DL380 G7 will support up to 150w third party video graphics cards (doesn't support Double Wide form factor)


Does the DL380 G7 support the 6Gb SAS or 3Gb SATA technology?

Yes, the DL380 G7 is 6Gb SAS and 3Gb SATA ready.


Does my DDR3 Memory always run at 1333MHz?

No, it will depend your processor model, and memory configurations.


What rack options are available for the DL380 G7?

Two rack options are available to address the challenges of cable management for a 1U server. An optional ambidextrous cable management arm can be attached to the rack rail. Cables from the server are set inside the arm, significantly improving in rack servicing.

For out of rack servicing, optional PDU extension bars have been designed specifically for a 1U server. These PDU's have shortened power cords already attached to the PDU. This significantly reduces the cable bulk from power cords, especially when running redundant power in the server. To service the system, simply unplug the shortened power cables and remove the service from the rack.


Does HP offer racking solutions for my ProLiant DL380 G7 in Telco and Third Party Racks?

Yes, the DL380 G7 slide out rail system provides tool-free support for racks with square or round mounting holes (including HP/Compaq 10000, 9000. 7000 and HP series), with an adjustment range of 24-inch to 36-inch.

Installation into Telco racks requires a 3rd party option kit. Click here fore more information on this Non-HP site .


Can the SD Card slot or USB ports on the DL380 G7 be used as a boot device or floppy replacement?

Utilities are now available that allow the use of SD Card/ USB instead of floppy for a number of tasks, including system boot from USB drive key. For additional information, view the HP Drive Key Boot Utility whitepaper.


How does SD Card/USB compare to floppy?

USB 2.0 offers a fast interface for low speed peripheral devices - including storage devices. USB drive keys support large data capacities. Available capacities on USB disk keys can support anywhere from 16 to 300 times more capacity than a 1.44 MB floppy disk.


What are the system health LEDs used for? What do the different colors mean (green, red, amber)?

The front panel and internal LEDs are used to help diagnose a server failure. When an internal component fails, the indication is made on an internal component LED (amber) and on the front panel. If the item is serviceable without removing the server hood, as in the case of a redundant power supply failure, the External Health LED will illuminate. If the item is serviceable by removing the hood, as in the case of a fan failure, the Internal Health LED will illuminate.

If no failures have occurred, the system health LEDs will be green. If a failure has occurred, but a redundant feature has enabled the system to continue running, the LED will be amber. If the failure is critical and is/has caused the system to shutdown, the LED will be red. These LEDs serve as local indicators for several failure conditions. Insight Manager will continue to report these, and many other failure conditions, as well.


What new management features are available on G7?

Insight Control - essential infrastructure management that speeds server deployment, proactively manages health, optimizes power management, and offers control from anywhere – now on broader selection of supported operating environments.


What Service offerings are recommended?

HP recommends customers purchase for deployment, HP Care Pack hardware installation and start up and same day 24×7 hardware support combined with software technical support for operating system and management software. This combination provides ready access to technical expertise, will help minimize downtime, and enable customers to focus on their core business.

Click here for a complete list of Support Services that are available .


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