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HP Storage Works 2300 G2 Modular Smart Array - RAID10 Expansion Failed


A Raid10 vdisk cannot be expanded, it failed with the error an invalid number of disk drives was provided for the specified Raid type .

End-user tried several times, from different controllers, failed all times.


There are some important points before doing the expansion:

  • Always make sure the user is running on the latest firmware version.

  • Also make sure there are no other current tasks running on the vdisk, as scrubbing, initialization, if not a Target busy message will be displayed.

  • Select the correct number of subdisks (for a Raid10). This will determine the number of drives are allowed to add. As per the CLI Reference Guide we can add 2 or 4 at a time, and up to 16 disks.

    Expansion capability for each Raid level
    Raid Level
    Expansion Capability
    Maximum disks
    Cannot Expand
    Can add 1–4 disks at a time.
    Cannot expand.
    Can add 2 or 4 disks at a time.
    Can expand the vdisk one RAID-5 sub-vdisk at a time. The added RAID-5 sub-vdisk must contain the same number of disks as each original sub-vdisk.
  • Read the instructions on the Reference Guide (Before expanding a Vdisk back up the vdisk's data so that if the user needs to stop expansion and delete the vdisk, the data can be moved into a new, larger vdisk).

    We reproduced the issue, and for a Raid10 from SMU more than 2 drives cannot be added at a time (even it is stated on the guide). Once we selected just one subvdisk the expansion worked.

    The only way to expand a Raid10 level vdisk with more than 2 drives is by using CLI.

End-user used the CLI to expand the vdisk and the issue is solved.

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