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HP ProCurve ONE Advanced Services zl Module - Overview

Product description

Part of the HP ProCurve ONE Program that enables secure best-in-class applications and services in the ProCurve infrastructure, the HP ProCurve ONE Services zl Module is a x86-based server module that provides two 10-GbE network links into the switch backplane. Coupled with ProCurve-certified services and applications that can take advantage of a switch-targeted API for better performance, this module creates a virtual appliance within a zl switch slot to provide solutions for business needs, such as network security. This services module can be moved to any zl switch in the environment.


Product features

HP ProCurve ONE Services zl Module
Model number: J9289A
HP ProCurve ONE Advanced Services zl Module
Model number: J9483A
Application support
  • ProCurve ONE application support: This is compatible with ProCurve ONE applications; non-ProCurve ONE applications will not run on the services module, which prevents rogue applications in mission-critical network environments.

  • ProCurve ONE applications preinstalled in downloadable form: ProCurve ONE applications come with their own OS (which may vary depending on the specific application) and are already installed on the OS as part of the application download; as a result, installation of the application on the services module is a straightforward and simple process, avoiding complicated installations into the OS that are typical of other downloaded application environments.

  • ProCurve ONE API assistance: ProCurve ONE applications can get switch software and ASIC assistance through programmatic calls to the ProCurve ONE API; additional performance, configuration, and management assistance will be available to these applications over time.

  • Two 10-GbE connections to the switch: Two 10-GbE wire-speed internal connections help ensure that the network connections from application to switch backplane will not limit the performance of the application.

  • USB port: One external USB 2.0 port is available for application use - for example, external hard drives or other forms of mass storage.

  • High-performance network bandwidth: Two internal wire-speed 10-GbE ports to the switch backplane.

  • High-performance processor system: An Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 Processor with 2.2 GHz, 4MB cache provides a high-performance compute environment in a small footprint - a single switch slot.

  • Memory subsystems: 4GB of DDR2-667 dual-channel memory provide for quick application performance.

  • Disk drive: 250GB SATA II 7200 rpm hard disk drive (210GB application space plus 40GB diagnostic/maintenance space) allows quick data read/writes to speed applications along.

Resiliency and high availability
  • Redundant power supplies: The services module has the same level of power supply redundancy as the switch in which it is installed.

  • Redundant network connections: Two internal 10-GbE connections are provided between the switch and the services module; applications can take advantage of both links to provide a redundant network connection to the switch backplane.

  • Signed/Licensed applications only: Only ProCurve ONE Applications, which are signed and licensed through ProCurve and the application provider, can run on the services module.

  • Applications are certified: ProCurve ONE applications go through certification testing against negative switch effects through API calls or malicious behavior - providing reasonable assurance that applications are well-behaved in the switch and network environment.

  • Console port: Application console is available as a pass-through to the switch console function.

Ease of use
  • Locator LED: Allows users to set the locator LED on a specific module to either turn on, blink, or turn off; simplifies troubleshooting by making it easy to locate a specific module among other identical or similar modules.


Software releases

Refer to the HP Web site at for details on the software releases provided and the period during which software releases are available.

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Links to product specifications page and warranty information

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