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HP ProCurve Switches -- Differences Between TimeP and SNTP

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HP ProCurve Switches -- Differences Between TimeP and SNTP

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Issue Description:

What are the differences between TimeP and SNTP?


TimeP , or “Time Protocol”, is defined in RFC 868. The RFC reads, “This protocol provides a site-independent, machine readable date and time. The Time service sends back to the originating source the time in seconds since midnight on January first 1900.” Also: “…The use of time-servers makes it possible to quickly confirm or correct a system's idea of the time, by making a brief poll of several independent sites on the network.” RFC 868 was first defined in May, 1983.

SNTP is a newer time protocol, first published in 1996. It is defined in RFC 2030, built upon earlier Time Protocols, and is desirable due to the widespread availability of server software packages.

Either protocol may be configured to poll a specific network server for time information, or may be configured to poll recognized clocks such as those kept by the US Naval Observatory Master Clocks in Washington DC; or Colorado Springs, Colorado.

To view RFC documentation, please visit the IETF homepage at Non-HP site

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