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HP Baseline Switch Family - Default console access disabled following password change

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HP Baseline Switch Family - Default console access disabled following password change

SoftwareFirmware Version:

version 5.20 RELEASE 1101

3Com Baseline Switch 2928-HPWR Plus Software Version 5.20 RELEASE 1101


3CRBSG28HPWR93 - 3Com Baseline Plus Switch 2928 HPWR

3CRBSG28PWR93 - 3Com Baseline Plus Switch 2928 PWR

3CRBSG2893 - 3Com Baseline Plus Switch 2928

3CRBSG2093 - 3Com Baseline Plus Switch 2920


To re-enable the console access will require that the switch be re-initialized to default settings via the web interface. This is accomplished following the path Device->Configuration->initialize.

Changing the default user "admin" password must be executed using the console connection. Once logged in, execute "password". When prompted for user, specify the default "admin". By default there is no "old password", so select "enter". Then enter the new password when prompted and again when prompted to confirm.

Then from the web interface, log in (using the default user "admin" and the newly defined password. Save the configuration following the path Device->Configuration->;Save

An alternate method is to download the current configuraton from the switch to a device so that the configuration file can be edited and then uploaded back to the switch. The switch then rebooted and the new configuration with the added "service-type" added to the user "admin".

Execute the following steps from the webui

1. Following the path Device->;Configuration>;Save save the current configuration

2. Execute from the path Device->Configuration->Backup (using *.cfg)

3. When prompted, select "Save" in a known location

4. Locate the file saved and open with "notepad.exe".

5. Locate the section that describes the user "admin". It will be displayed as:

local-user admin

authorization-attribute level 3

service-type telnet

6. To place the username back to the default setting, add the following to service-type as:

service-type ssh telnet terminal

7. Close and save the notepad session.

8. To upload the modified configuration to the switch, from the webui, follow the path Device->Configuration->Restore.

9. Browse for the updated configuration file and then select "apply".

10. Once the file is uploaded, reboot the switch for the change to take place.


From the web interface, the default user "admin" password is changed and console access is disabled


When applying the new password, by default the service-type is set to "telnet" and the default "terminal" setting is removed thus disabling console access

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