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HP 4210 Switch Family - How to change the management vlan to a different vlan

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4210 Switch Family - How to change the management vlan to a different vlan

SoftwareFirmware Version:



3CR17331-91 Switch 4210 9-Port

3CR17332-91 Switch 4210 18-Port

3CR17333-91 Switch 4210 26-Port

3CR17334-91 Switch 4210 50-Port

3CR17341-91 Switch 4210 PWR 9-Port

3CR17342-91 Switch 4210 PWR 18-Port

3CR17343-91 Switch 4210 PWR 26-Port


You should use the CLI to modify the management vlan via a console connection in case you make any mistakes and lose access to the switch.

Follow the format below to change the management vlan

1) Undo the IP address for the Vlan 1 interface if you already have one configured.

2) Undo the vlan 1 interface

3) Create the vlan you want to use for management and assign the necessary ports to it.

4) Change the management vlan to the new vlan

5) Go into the new management vlan interface and configure an IP address and subnet mask for it.

Below is an example showing how to change the management vlan from Vlan 1 to vlan 100 below:

[4210]disp int vl 1

Vlan-interface2 current state :UP

Line protocol current state :UP

IP Sending Frames' Format is PKTFMT_ETHNT_2, Hardware address is 001a-c1e0-e48a

Internet Address is Primary

Description : Vlan-interface1 Interface

The Maximum Transmit Unit is 1500

[4210]int vl 1

[4210-Vlan-interface1]undo ip addr 24


#Apr 24 01:18:48:844 2000 4210 IFNET/5/TRAP:- 1 - Interface 39 is Down

%Apr 24 01:18:48:966 2000 4210 IFNET/5/UPDOWN:- 1 -Line protocol on the interface Vlan-interface1 is DOWN



[4210]undo int Vlan-interface 1


%Apr 24 01:19:09:777 2000 4210 L2INF/5/VLANIF LINK STATUS CHANGE:- 1 -

Vlan-interface1 is DOWN

[4210]vl 100


[4210]management-vlan 100

[4210]int vl 100

[4210-Vlan-interface100]ip addr 24

[4210-Vlan-interface100]disp this


interface Vlan-interface100

ip address


4201 switch - How to change the management vlan interface to a Vlan interface other than Vlan 1


The 4210 switch is a layer 2 switch that supports only 1 IP address configured for a Vlan interface and it has to be the management vlan interface . The management vlan does not have to be vlan 1 and can be changed to a different vlan for management of the switch.

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