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HP Color LaserJet 5500/5550 Series Printers - Replace the ETB

To view a video demonstrating the procedure for removing the part click here to access the Services Media Library ( Select Printers and Multifunction under the Product category , select HP Color LaserJet Printers under the Product family , and then select the printer model under the product series category.

ETB replacement

NOTE: Clean the static discharge comb whenever you replace the ETB. Use the new cleaning brush that is included with the replacement ETB.
  1. Turn the printer off.

  2. Using the side handles, open the top cover. Open the front cover.

  3. Remove the cleaning brush stored inside the front cover and discard it.

  4. Grasp the green handles on the transfer unit and pull down.

  5. Rub the new cleaning brush back and forth four times over the static discharge comb at the top of the printer to remove excess toner. Shake the brush over a waste receptacle to dispose of the excess toner.

    CAUTION: If toner gets on your clothes, wipe it off with a dry cloth and wash your clothes in cold water. Hot water sets toner into fabric.
  6. Locate the blue release latches on either side of the transfer unit (near the bottom of the transfer unit).

  7. Grasp the transfer unit with two hands. Simultaneously pull the release latches on either side of the transfer unit and slide the unit out of the printer.

  8. Remove the new transfer unit from the bag.

  9. Hold the transfer unit on either side. Guide the feet into the cups and slide the transfer unit into the printer.

  10. Store the new cleaning brush inside the front cover. Close the transfer unit.

  11. Close the front cover and the top cover, and turn the printer on. After a short while, the control panel should display NEW TRANSFER KIT .

  12. Press to highlight YES .

  13. Press to select YES .

  14. Press to reset the transfer unit count.

  15. Wait for the printer to calibrate.


Parts return

If your part requires return then click on the appropriate link below:

Click here for the defective parts return procedure for US .

Click here for the defective parts return procedure for Europe .


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