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HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 MSA Array Systems - Remote Replication: Fails to Replicate


Attempts to replicate a volume fail. Multiple attempts have displayed any of the following error messages:

Unable to initiate replication of volume 'volume-name'
The volume was not found on this system. (rvd01_v001) - Please remove the secondary volume manually.
The volume was not found on this system. (vd01_v001)- Failed to prepare the primary volume for replication


Unable to establish replication set for volume 'volume-name'.
Command failed. () - Failed to prepare the primary volume for replication


Issue was caused by Jumbo frames not being supported on the Ethernet switch that was between the two P2000 systems.

Jumbo frames allow more data to be sent, versus a normal Frame. Jumbo Frame is 9000 bytes in size, where as a normal frame is only 1500 bytes in size.

If the end user wants to use Jumbo frames, they will need to verify that the switch between the P2000's supports Jumbo frames.

If the switch does not support Jumbo frames, then that feature should not be enabled on the P2000's. If Jumbo frames are enabled, it will have to be disabled.

  • To verify if the P2000 has Jumbo frames enabled, run the following command:

    -show iscsi-parameters

    On the output below, end user can see that Jumbo frames are disabled.

    # show iscsi-parameters

    iSCSI Parameters
    CHAP: Enabled
    Jumbo Frames: Disabled
    iSNS: Disabled
    iSNS IP:
    iSNS Alt IP:
    iSCSI Speed: auto
    iSCSI IP Version: 4

  • To disable Jumbo frames:

    #set iscsi-parameters jumbo-frame disabled

  • To enable Jumbo frames (only if all hardware between the P2000s support it):

    #set iscsi-parameters jumbo-frame enabled

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