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HP LaserJet M3027 and M3035 Multifunction Printer Series - Replace the Transfer Roller

To view a video demonstrating the procedure for removing the part click here to access the Services Media Library ( Select Printers and Multifunction under the Product category , select HP Color LaserJet Printers under the Product family , and then select the printer model under the product series category.

Transfer roller replacement

  1. Turn the power off.

  2. Open the cartridge door.

  3. Release the left end of the transfer roller by using needle-nose pliers or a small flatblade screwdriver to pinch two tabs at the left end of the transfer roller.

  4. Use the needle-nose pliers or flatblade screwdriver in the same manner to release the other end.

  5. Lift the transfer roller out of the device.

    NOTE: The left end of the transfer roller has a spring attached. At the right end of the roller, the spring is attached to the device rather than to the roller. As a result, the spring at the right end remains in the device. Also, the gear assembly at the right end of the roller is not captive on the roller.
    CAUTION: Be careful not to touch the surface of the new transfer roller.
  6. Remove the new transfer roller from its protective bag and align it with the slots in the product and push until it clicks into place.

  7. Close the cartridge door.

  8. Turn the power on.


Parts return

If your part requires return then click on the appropriate link below:

Click here for the defective parts return procedure for US .

Click here for the defective parts return procedure for Europe .


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