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HP Notebook PCs - Install a SATA Driver into an RIS Install Point

If you are deploying an image to an HP Compaq business notebook with an integrated SATA controller, you must incorporate the hard drive's SATA device driver into your Remote Installation Service (RIS) install point. Otherwise, the installation will fail due to the hard drive not being recognized.


Incorporate the SATA driver into the RIS install point as follows:

  1. Extract the SATA drivers and switch to SATA Native Mode.

  2. With the SATA Native Mode enabled in the BIOS, the following steps must be taken to make XP CD, SYSPREP, RIS, and UNATTENDED installs work properly with WinPE .

    1. Disable Native Mode in the BIOS.

    2. Extract the SATA drivers.

    3. Add the drivers for SATA AHCI.

    4. Reboot to enable Native Mode in the BIOS.

  1. Download the latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager Non-HP site driver from the Intel web site.

  2. Create a c:\sata folder, then copy the iata61_enu.exe which you just downloaded into it.

  3. Use following command to extract the driver files:

    c:\sata\ iata61_enu.exe -a -a -pc:\sata

    When extraction process begins, click through the dialogs as prompted. This does not install the driver, it only extracts the driver files to the c:\sata folder. After extraction is completed, the driver files can be found in c:\sata\Driver.

  4. Copy the extracted files to the RIS distribution point (on the RIS server):


  5. Copy the same files to:


  6. Open the RemoteInstall\Setup\<Language>\Images\<Dir_Name>\i386\txtsetup.sif file with Windows Notepad, and add the following lines to the sections noted (section names are in brackets):

  7. Save the file and exit Notepad.

  8. Open the Remote Install\Setup\<Language>\Images\<Dir_Name>\i386\templates\ristndrd.sif file with Notepad, and under the section [Unattended] add the following lines:

  9. Save the file and exit Notepad.

  10. Finally, to complete the process, stop and restart the BINL service on the RIS server as follows:

    Go to a command prompt and type net stop binlsvc and press Enter. Then type net start binlsvc and press Enter.

The RIS installation point has now been updated with the SATA driver.

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