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HP Designjet T790 and T1300 ePrinter Series - Printing paper info

Printing paper info

Enable the Printing paper info option to record the printer’s estimate of the remaining roll length, paper width and type. The information is a combination of barcode and text that is printed on the leading edge of the roll when the paper is unloaded from the printer.

The paper-length estimate is available only if the printer registered the amount of paper that was on the roll when you loaded it. To provide this information to the printer, specify the roll length on the front panel when loading the paper, or load a roll that has the paper-data barcode printed on it.
The barcode and text are printed on the roll only when the loading and unloading processes are started from the front panel's Paper menu.
This option can be expected to work only with papers that are completely opaque. It may fail with transparent or translucent papers.

To enable the Printing paper info option, go to the front panel and press , then , then Setup > Printing preferences > Paper options > Enable printing paper info .

Enabling this option slightly changes the paper loading and unloading procedures.

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