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New Interactive Voice Response Menu

The new Interactive Voice Response Telephone Support Menu for our current Contract/Carepack and Warranty support has been updated. The menus for North America and Canada telephone support has now been voice activated. Our telephone numbers and support teams remain the same, but instead of using the keypad to navigate menus you are able to speak the product name to be connected faster. Below are some tips for navigating the new voice activated IVR’s".

Tips for using the new voice activated menu:

  • If you’re not sure how to respond to a prompt, listen to the examples offered and use them as a guide.

  • Don’t include a model number in your response, unless the system specifically asks for a model number.

  • When calling about a software product, use the product name rather than acronyms or letters. For example, say "Network Node Manager" instead of NNM; say "System Insight Manager" instead of "sim".

  • If you’re asked to provide a case ID, you can speak that ID, or key it in using your telephone keypad, whichever you prefer.

  • For most prompts, the system will offer you touchtone choices if it’s having trouble understanding your response.

  • Menus with a lot of possible responses, such as software products, can’t offer touchtone as a backup, so only a spoken response is accepted.

  • If you’re calling to schedule a hardware installation or equipment relocation that is to be performed by HP, use the shortcut "request an installation" to reach the Installation Services team.

  • If there is a shortcut for the product you’re calling about, the system will tell about that shortcut once you’ve responded to all the prompts. You can use that shortcut the next time you call about that same product. Note that not all products have shortcuts.

  • If you’re having trouble using the system, you can press zero on your telephone keypad - or say "customer service" - at any menu. Your will call be routed to a customer service agent who will then transfer your call to the correct technical support team.

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