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HP Notebook PCs - Airplane Mode (Windows 8)

This support document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows 8.

Airplane mode is a Windows 8 setting that disables the computer's ability to transmit or receive signals, while still allowing the use of other programs, such as games or music players. Turning on airplane mode turns off wireless networks, mobile broadband, and Bluetooth connections.

Turning on airplane mode also makes the battery charge last longer because the computer is not using power to look for networks, connections, or information.

NOTE: If you are not using the latest version of Windows 8, some graphics and information in this document may vary. You can get the latest version from the Microsoft Store.

Turning airplane mode on or off

Use airplane mode whenever you are a passenger on an airplane, plan on being offline, or need to conserve battery power.

  1. From the Start screen, type airplane mode to open the Search charm, and then select Turn airplane mode on or off from the search results.

    Figure 1: Airplane mode settings

    The search results for airplane mode, with Turn airplane mode on or off selected

    The Networks settings menu opens.

  2. In the Network settings menu, turn on airplane mode by moving the airplane mode slider to On .

    Wireless networks, mobile broadband, Bluetooth, and other connections are now disabled.

    Figure 2: Turning airplane mode off

    The airplane mode page in the Network settings menu, with a mouse pointer turning  airplane mode on.
  3. To verify that airplane mode is on, press the Windows + I keys to open Settings, and then look for the Airplane mode icon.

    Figure 3: Airplane mode icon

    Image of Airplane mode icon in Windows settings
  4. To turn Airplane mode off, press the Windows + I keys to open Settings, and then click the airplane mode icon.

  5. Move the airplane mode slider to Off .

    A list of available network wireless connections opens.

    Figure 4: Airplane mode switch set to off

    The airplane mode switch  in Off position with a list of available network connections
  6. Press the esc key to close Networks.

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