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HP Connected - Changing an ePrint Email Address in HP Connected


When you set up the ePrint service on your web connected printer, an email address is automatically created that you will use to send print jobs to your printer. You can customize your printer's email address to make it easier for you to remember and to share with anyone that you have approved to send ePrint jobs to your printer.

NOTE: After you create a new custom address, your printer will only accept emails to the new address. The old email address is no longer valid.

Changing an ePrint email address in HP Connected

  1. Sign in to your HP Connected account at HP Connected Non-HP site .

  2. Click the Devices tab.

  3. Next to the icon for your printer, click Settings . The status of your printer displays above the printer icon.

  4. At the bottom of the page, click ePrint . The ePrint Preferences page opens and shows the printer's current ePrint email address.

  5. Click Change Address .

  6. Type a new ePrint email address in the text box, and then click OK .

    • If the address that you typed is available , your settings update immediately.

    • If the address that you typed is not available , try a different address or click one of the suggested addresses, and then click OK .

  7. Inform any allowed senders of the new ePrint email address.

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