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HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 and M425 MFP - "Jam in Cartridge Area / Open door and clear jam."


When first turning on the M401 or M425, the printer may display “Jam in Cartridge Area / Open door and clear jam." This is mostly likely due to some of the packaging material remaining inside the printer.


Follow the instructions above each of the 3 figures below, to ensure all the packing material has been removed.

Figure 1: Before initial use, the below packaging must be fully removed. Tearing off this visible part of the packaging is NOT sufficient and will result in the "Jam in Cartridge Area" error, if the printer is turned on.

Figure 2: Turn off the printer. Open the front door (to access the toner cartridge) and remove the white foam if not already removed.

Figure 3: Remove the toner cartridge and lift out the orange toner lock seen below. If you haven't already, now remove the toner dam (pull the orange ring on the left side of toner cartridge and fully remove the clear plastic strip). Reinstall the print cartridge and turn the printer on to verify the error message has cleared.

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