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HP Slate 7 Tablets - Using the Keyboard on Your HP Tablet (Android 4.1/Jelly Bean)

This document applies to HP Slate 7 tablets with Android 4.1/Jelly Bean operating system.

This document explains how to use and change the settings and features of your HP tablet's on-screen keyboard, and how to dictate text entry instead of using the keyboard.

View a video on using the keyboard on your HP tablet (Android 4.1/Jelly Bean)

(in English)

Using the on-screen keyboard

The on-screen keyboard appears whenever you touch within a text entry field. To hide the keyboard, touch the bottom left navigation icon.

Some of the keys on the on-screen keyboard change functions depending on the app or screen you are currently using. For example, the key on the far right side of the second row of the keyboard can function as a return key, an enter key, a search key, or one of several other functions. If you see three dots in the bottom right corner of a keyboard key, touch and hold that key to display hidden keys.

Refer to the following list for information about basic keyboard features and functions:

  • Insert text : Touch the area within the text entry field where you want to insert text. The cursor moves to the new location. When a tab appears below the cursor, you can touch and drag the tab to move the cursor to a new location.

  • Select text : Touch and hold a word to select it. Tabs appear at both ends of the highlighted selection. Drag the tabs to expand or minimize the selection.

    If the tabs disappear, touch the text again to make the tabs reappear.

    Figure 1: Text selection example

    Text selection example
  • Delete text : Touch the backspace key to delete the last character, or to delete the text you have selected.

  • Capitalize a letter : Touch the up arrow key to capitalize the next letter you type.

  • Turn on caps lock : Double-tap the up arrow key to turn on caps lock. Touch the up arrow key again to return to lower case.

  • Type numbers and symbols : Touch the symbols key to access numbers and symbols. To access additional symbols, press one of the symbols keys located on either side of the keyboard in the third row down.

  • Insert emoticons : Touch and hold the smiley key to display emoticons. Drag your finger to the desired emoticon, and lift your finger to insert the emoticon.

    Figure 2: Emoticons

  • Display hidden keys : If you see three dots in the bottom right corner of a keyboard key, touch and hold that key to display hidden keys.

  • Cut, copy, or paste : Select the text you want to cut or copy. Editing tools for the text selection appear at the top of the screen. Touch Cut or Copy . To paste text from the clipboard, touch and hold the area where you want to insert the text, and then touch Paste .


Dictating text entry

You can use your voice to enter text on your tablet instead of typing on the on-screen keyboard. Use the following steps to dictate text entry:

  1. Touch inside a text entry area to display the on-screen keyboard.

  2. Touch the microphone icon key on the keyboard.

    Figure 3: Microphone key

    Microphone key

    The keyboard is hidden, and a microphone appears with the message Speak now .

  3. Begin speaking the words as you would like them to appear on the screen.

    • Pause or resume : To pause the speech-to-text entry, touch the microphone icon, or stop speaking for a few seconds to let it pause automatically. Touch the microphone icon again to resume dictation.

    • Return to the keyboard : Pause the dictation, and then touch the keyboard icon to stop dictation and return to the keyboard.

    • Change the dictation language : Touch the language selection drop-down, and choose your dictation language from the menu. For more information about languages, see Changing Languages on Your HP Tablet .


Using predicted text

In many text entry fields, the keyboard uses predicted text to offer suggestions for completing the word you are typing, or for entering the next word in your sentence. The word suggestions appear above the top row of the keyboard. Touch a suggested word to insert it. Touch and hold the word at the center (with three dots below it) to display a list of other suggested words, and then touch a word from the list to insert it.

Figure 4: Predicted text example

Predicted text example


Changing keyboard settings

In the keyboard settings menu, you can turn auto-capitalization on or off, change the text correction settings, and many other options. Use the steps in this section to access the keyboard settings menu and change the keyboard settings.

  1. On the on-screen keyboard, touch the settings key.

    NOTE: In some screens, the settings key is combined with the microphone key. If the key is hidden, touch and hold the microphone key until the settings key appears, and then touch the settings key.

    Figure 5: Settings key

    Settings key
  2. Touch Android keyboard settings .

    Figure 6: Android keyboard settings

    Android keyboard settings
  3. Adjust the keyboard settings according to your preferences.

    Figure 7: Android keyboard settings

    Android keyboard settings


Changing the keyboard language

Your tablet's on-screen keyboard can be changed to fit different language input methods. For instructions on changing the keyboard layout, refer to the HP support document Changing Languages on Your HP Tablet .


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