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HP Server tc2110 - Installing Peripheral Devices


This document contains instructions for connecting the peripheral control devices, such as the UPS, keyboard and monitor, to the HP Server tc2110.

Connecting peripheral devices

NOTE: The two USB connectors are reserved for printers, external modems, a keyboard and a mouse, but support for these USB devices is NOS dependent.

Figure 1: Rear panel ports


Keyboard and mouse

  1. Place the monitor, keyboard, and mouse near the HP Server and connect these devices to the server using the connections provided on the rear of the chassis. See Figure 1. The connectors are color-coded for easy matching.

    NOTE: If the system has a console switch box, refer to the switch box’s user guide for instructions on connecting the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
    CAUTION: The keyboard and mouse ports are both PS/2 ports, but are not interchangeable. If you plug the keyboard into the mouse port, or the mouse into the keyboard port, you will get an error message and the system will not finish the boot process.
  2. If a LAN cable is provided, you may connect it now, or wait until you have verified the Server’s operation.

    CAUTION: To prevent possible damage to the HP Server’s power supply, set the input voltage selector to the correct input voltage.
  3. Check the input voltage selector to ensure that you have the correct input voltage selected.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

If you do not use a UPS with the server, you may experience an arching effect when you plug in the power cord to the AC power source. This is normal, due to the high inrush current of the power supply.

  1. Place the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) near the HP Server to connect the two devices.

  2. Connect the serial cable and power cord provided between the UPS and the HP Server. Refer to the user guide included with the UPS for additional information.

  3. If you have connected the serial cable and power cord between the two devices, turn on the UPS.

The HP Server tc2110 performs a diagnostic test when the power switch is turned on. If an error condition occurs, note any error code appearing on the display, then refer to Chapter 6, “Troubleshooting” of the HP Server tc2110 Operation and Maintenance Guide.



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