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HP Server Appliance sa1100 and sa1120 - Product Features


HP Server appliance sa1100 and sa1120 - Product Features


Appliance features

  • Internet hosting services: The server appliances quickly deliver extensible, high performance Web and Mail hosting. The appliance comes pre-configured with Apache Web server to minimize time spent in configuration and maximize time to profit. The appliance is also pre-configured Features with Sendmail Server, supporting up to 1,000 e-mail users for flexible deployment

  • Virtual domains: With full support via easy-to-use Web forms for Name-based or IP-based virtual domains for Web, Mail, and FTP hosting, the server appliances are ideal for dedicated or shared hosting deployments.

  • Easy appliance setup and management: With all the critical services pre-configured, administrators merely need to mount and configure the unit, and create domains and users to have a fully functional Web host. There is no need for a directly connected Keyboard, Video, or Mouse (KVM), configuration via Web browser, and no need for KVM Switches.

  • Robust hardware: The hardware and chassis are designed to last. Fast, genuine processors, integrated server Ethernet Controllers and high-output disk channels contribute to provide efficient high-performance Web hosting. Solid industrial strength chassis and housing stand up to the most demanding xSP environment conditions. Hardware is extensible because you can add memory or a second disk drive for additional storage or for data mirroring.

  • Extensible Software: The software stack is not fixed at the time of purchase. Periodic updates are available for the base software stack and even the BIOS. Paid upgrades from third-party ISVs to extend functionality will be available.

  • Site Creation: End users can use any tools for Web content creation and any FTP client to transfer content, including Microsoft (R) FrontPage 2000. Standard Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape browser support.

  • Full Scripting Support: Perl, PHP, and CGI support allowing Web developers full flexibility of development tools for interactive/dynamic content. Configurable on per domain basis.


  • Intel Pentium (R) III processor, 750 MHz with 256 KB of L2 cache (1120 server appliance)

  • Intel Celeron processor, 533 MHz with 128 KB of L2 cache (1100 server appliance)

  • Four 25 degree angle DIMM sockets with user upgrade to 1 GB SDRAM

  • User upgradeable to 2 IDE disks (1100 server appliance) or 2 SCSI disks (1120 server appliance) in mirrored or extended volume config

  • 2 integrated server network adapters

  • LCD panel display and keypad for quick setup

  • Front and rear serial ports for console and login access

  • Remotely upgradeable BIOS with PXE support


  • Browser-based interface for domain and user configuration and management

  • Apache Web server, HTTP 1.1 compliant

  • Sendmail server supporting SMTP, IMAP4, POP3

  • Messaging support for mail accounts, aliases, message relaying, message blocking via RBL, file transfer limits, message forwarding, and auto reply

  • Virtual hosting services, name based and IP based

  • No software limits on number of domains and users

  • FTP, anonymous FTP access

  • OS based on Red Hat Linux as modified using kernel

  • Drive mirroring support

  • SSL, 128-bit for securing Web content

  • Telnet on per user basis

  • Open SSH for secure shell access on per user basis

  • CGI support

  • Perl scripting

  • PHP scripting

  • FrontPage 2000 server extensions

  • PostgresSQL Database

  • Online Quick Help

  • Online guides for appliance administrator and domain administrator


  • Browser interface for simplified provisioning and management of new service offerings

  • Three tier user model of administration: appliance administrator, domain administrator, and end user

  • Reset to factory defaults (to reuse for another customer)

  • SSL, 128-bit for secure administration

  • SSH for advanced system administration

  • PAM/Shadow passwords

  • SNMP agent

  • Service monitoring

  • Flexible browser interface for backup and restoration of appliance config, Web content, user home directories, and mail

  • Arkeia backup client

  • Date and time

  • NTP client

  • Hardware, software, and system logs and alerts via e-mail

  • Usage and performance reporting by appliance and domain

  • Hardware failure detection: voltage variation, thermal, operating system watchdog timer, fan failure, process status, and ECC memory


  • Form factor: 1U, rack-mountable (fits standard 19-inch equipment rack)

  • Mounting: Front and mid-mount brackets included; rails available as accessory

  • Height: 43.18 mm (1.70 inches)

  • Width: 425.45 mm (16.75 inches)

  • Depth: 558.80 mm (22.00 inches)

  • Weight: 10.43 kg (23 lbs.)

  • Operating environment: 5 to 35 degrees C (41 to 95 degrees F)

  • Nonoperating environment: -40 to 70 degrees C (-104 to 158 degrees F)

  • Front panel LEDs: Power, alert, (2) 10/100 Mbit link, (2) transmit/receive, drive activity, mail activity, Web activity

  • Power cords: USA, UK, EU, and Australia

  • Quick Start Guide: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Korean

Regulatory approvals


  • USA/Canada: UL certified - 3rd Edition/CSA 22.2. No. 950-M93 for Canada (product bears the single UL mark for U.S. and Canada)

  • Europe: Low Voltage Directive, 73/23/EEC, TUV/GS to EN60950 2nd Edition with Amendments, A1 = A2 + A3 + A4

  • International: CB Certificate and report to IEC 60950, 3rd edition including EMKO-TSE (74-SEC) 207/94 and other national deviations


  • USA: FCC CFR Parts 2 and 15, verified Class A limit

  • Canada: IC ICES-003 Class A limit

  • Europe: EMC Directive, 89/336/EECl; EN55022, Class A Limit, Radiated & Conducted Emissions; EN50082-1 Generic Immunity Standard; EN61000-4-2 ESD Immunity (Level 2 Contact Discharge, Level 3 Air Discharge); EN61000-4-3 Radiated Immunity (Level 2); EN61000-4-4 Electrical Fast Transient (Level 2); EN61000-3-2 Limit for Harmonic Current Emissions

  • Australia/New Zealand: AS/NZS 3548, Class A Limit

  • Japan: VCCI Class A UTE (CISPR 22, Class A Limit), IEC 1000-3-2 Limit for Harmonic Current Emissions

  • Taiwan: BSMI, Class A (CISPR 22

  • Russia: GOST approval

  • International: CISPR 22, Class A limit

Ordering information

Part Number
System Configuration
HP Web Hosting Server Appliance sa 1100
533 MHz, 128 MB SDRAM, single 10 GB IDE disk, dual Ethernet server adapters
HP Web Hosting Server Appliance sa 1120
750 MHz, 256 MB SDRAM, single 9 GB SCSI disk, dual Ethernet server adapters

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Microsoft (R) is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Netscape (TM) is a U.S. trademark of Netscape Communications Corporation.

Pentium (R) is a U.S. registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

Applicable products and environments:

hp server appliance sa1100

hp server appliance sa1120

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