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HP Netserver E60 - Remove the Server Cover



Remove the Cover (If Installing Optional Accessories)

  1. Turn off the Netserver and disconnect the power cord.

  2. Unlock the cover: Toun lock the over, use the key in the key bag. See Figure 1.

  3. Unscrew the cover: Unscrew the six TORX15 / slotted screws securing the cover. See Figure 1.

  4. Remove the cover: Place your hands on either side of the cover. While, pull the cover back to release it and then lift it off the chassis. See Figure 2.

  5. Lay the Netserver on its side Most internal work is best done with the Netserver on its side. Turn the feet in, and lay it on its side. See Figure 3.

  6. Reposition the cooling duct / cover: The duct unsnaps and swings out of the way. See Figure 4.

Figure 1: Unlocking Server

Figure 2: Removing the Server Cover

Figure 3: Laying the Server Sideways

Figure 4: Repositioning the Cooling Duct Cover

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