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HP Color LaserJet 4700 PCL6 Driver

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Type: Driver
Version: Dec 2008)
Operating System(s): Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 W32
File name: HP_CLJ_4700_PCL6_32Bit.exe (14 MB)

This Readme file provides specific information you should know before you install and use any of the driver versions that have been listed above.

In addition, a list of fixes and enhancements are provided for these drivers. Information and known issues are provided for the following operating systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows 2000

For additional information on the printer features and driver features, refer to the online help included with each software component and the printer or mfp user guide.

Enhancements from version 61.071.661.41 Firmware:

  • Secure Job Pin number fix.

  • Align scaling solution with in box MS PS driver for Excel and IE.

  • Support bidirectional in Windows x64.

  • Improve Dynamic EMF Spooling.

  • Enforce OOV standards for all strings/help in driver UI.

  • Local custom sizes for restricted users (host in a network).

  • SSNP supplies and Status Alerts functionality.

  • Utilize Novell username in Novell environments.

  • Enhance Job Storage to support Private Printing without a PIN.

  • Change Taiwan 8K and 16K string from US inches to MM.

  • .hlp files may no longer be supported in Vista (or Vista follow-on).

  • System IPv6 requirements.

  • Paper Sizes List reordered.

  • UI layout changes to Page insert.

  • Need to expose FilterUI for AutoCad support for Win2K XP LaserJets.

Download Info

This section will help you in the download of the software to your computer and start you on the install process.

Before proceeding with the software installation, the printer must first be properly set up, and your computer must be ready to print.

  • Turn on the printer first, then turn on the computer.
  • Close any screen savers, virus protection programs, or other software programs running on your computer.
  • Click on Download Now and a File Download box will appear.
  • Select Save This Program to Disk and a Save As box will appear.
  • Select a directory to save the file in and click Save.
  • Locate the file using Windows Explorer when the download has completed.
  • Double click on the file. This will extract all the driver files into a directory on your hard drive. The directory these files are extracted to will have a similar name to the printer model that was downloaded (i.e., c:\clj4700). However, you can change the path and directory name at the time of extracting the file.
  • Open the Printers Window (Click Start-Settings-Printers).

  • Update the printer if it was previously installed
    • Right click on the printer and select Properties from the pop menu.
    • On the General tab, select New Driver.
    • Click on the Warning Box that pops up.
    • A printer listing box will appear. Select Have Disk.
    • Another box Install from Disk appears.
    • Click the Browse to locate the expanded files directory (i.e., c:\clj4700).
    • Click on the file ending with .inf.
    • Click Open and then Okay and let files install.

  • Add the printer if it hasn't been installed yet.
    • Click Add New Printer
    • Follow the instructions of the Add Printer Wizard.