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HP 50g Calculator - Changing the Angle Measure Mode

The calculator has three setting options for the angular mode for use with trigonometric functions:

  • Degrees: A circle is divided into 360 degrees (360°).

  • Radians: The circumference of a circle is 2π radians.

  • Grades: There are 400 gradians (400 g) in a circle.

The angular mode affects functions like sine (SIN), cosine (COS), tangent (TAN) and other associated trigonometric functions. To change the angular mode, use the following procedure:

  1. Press the
  2. Use the down arrow key,
    , twice.
  3. To select the desired mode, either:

    • Cycle through the options by pressing the
      key. The displayed option is the active setting.
    • Press the
      soft menu key to open a Choose box.
      NOTE: To select an item in the menu along the bottom of the display screen, press the key directly below the displayed item.
      To select
      , for example, press the 'F2' key. Use the up and down arrow keys,
      , to highlight the preferred angular mode, and press the
      soft menu key to select it. The displayed option is the active setting. In the screen shown below, the 'Radians' mode is selected.

      Figure 1: Selecting the Radians mode

  4. Press the
    soft menu key to save the setting and exit the 'CALCULATOR MODES' page.