Drivers & software for HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series

HP LaserJet 3300 Firmware Update for Windows

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Warning:  For fax models, it is recommended the fax line be disconnected from the 3330 during the firmware update process to avoid a fax interrupting the process.

Note: This utility is in English only.

  • The HP LaserJet 3300 Firmware Update Utility does not support Windows 95.

  • The HP LaserJet 3300 Firmware Update Utility can be performed using either a Parallel or USB port. 

    • When using the USB port, the hp LaserJet 3300 series software must be installed prior to using this utility. 
    • When using the parallel port, the hp LaserJet 3300 series software does not need to be installed.  Connect the 33xx to a PC with the Firmware Update Utility loaded using a parallel cable.

  • You will need 20MB of free disk space to use the Firmware Update Utility.

  • The HP LaserJet 33xx printer must be in a READY state and remain powered on during the entire firmware update process.

  • Administrator Privileges are required on the PC executing the utility.

  • The control panel of the printer will display Printing Document.

  • After the Firmware Update Utility has finished, the 33xx will display READY.  Depending upon the operating system on your PC, you may be prompted to reboot your computer.

  • To determine the version of firmware of your HP LaserJet 33xx printer, print a Configuration Page by pressing the Enter/Menu key, press the < > (arrow) key until Reports appears in the control panel, then press Enter/Menu and then the < > (arrow) key until Config Report is displayed. Press the Enter/Menu key to initiate the printing of the report.

Version 20021018W

HP LaserJet 3300 Firmware Update Utility addresses the following issues.

Increased the device time out for displaying the “Waiting for PC” message when using the Scan To feature so the device doesn’t cancel before the PC initiates the actual scan.

Improved the performance of multi-page scan through the ADF when using version 4.0 or later software.

Implemented Fax-From-Glass (FFG) feature using "Program Dial".

Updated the contrast tables to improve image quality.

Increased the right margin to include more data.

Download Info

This section will help you download the software to your computer and start you on the install process.

To download into a temporary, default directory on your PC, click on the lj3300fwutilitywin-en.exe file below. Note the directory and path where the file is saved to. You will need to access this file on your PC.

Run the file to begin fixing your system.

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