Drivers & software for HP Photosmart 1000 Printer series

PhotoSmart P1000/1000 Color Inkjet Printer Driver Software

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Type:Driver - Product Installation Software
Version:2.2 (14 Apr 2000)
Operating System(s):Microsoft Windows 95
File name:ps215en.exe (4.4 MB)
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HP PhotoSmart P1000/1000 Color Inkjet Printer Driver

version 2.2 for Windows 95

Follow these Steps:

  1. Download the file [ps215xx.exe], then locate those files in the directory C:\Temp\1000 or the directory you chose to download them into.
  2. Double-click on file to uncompress within the 1000 directory.

    NOTE: Begin by removing previous versions of the P1000/1000 printer software.

    To uninstall the printer software, you must use this method:

    1. Locate the directory you downloaded the Web driver into, default is C:\Temp\1000.
    2. Double-click Setup.exe from within this C:\Temp\1000 directory.
    3. Choose "Remove the Photosmart P1000 series software".
  3. Before proceeding with the Web file installation, it is important there is NO CD-ROM inserted in your CD Drive while doing this software update.
Installation Instructions for Windows 95:

(Only Parallel Port Installations are supported for the P1000/1000 with Windows 95)

Important: After any previous installation is removed and you have restarted your computer, if the Windows Plug and Play "Add New Hardware wizard screen appears, click "Cancel.

  1. Locate the "Setup.exe file located in the C:/Temp/1000 directory and double-click it to begin execution.
  2. When the Blue menu appears, select "Install hp photosmart P1000 series printer software".

    Note: The "Install Bonus Software" and "View Users Guide" are not active choices. These two choices are available from the original CD-ROM shipped with your printer.

  3. After installation, restart your computer when prompted.
You may want to delete the directory C:\Temp\1000 or save the downloaded file for future reference. The installation should be complete at this point.

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