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DeskJet 960, 980, 990, and PhotoSmart 1200 Series printers Media Sense Calibration Utility

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The HP DeskJet 960, 980, 990, and PhotoSmart 1200 Series printers have media sensing capability to automatically detect the type of media loaded in the printer and then select optimal settings for that type of media. Slow printing on plain paper or poor print quality on photo paper may be an indication that the media sense feature may not be set for optimal performance and accuracy. Download and run this media sense calibration utility to reset the media sense values in your printer.

Download Instructions:

  1. Click the Download Now button. The next screen should have a dot in the button next to "Save this program to disk", if not, select it.
  2. Click OK.
  3. In the Save in field, click the arrow to see the dropdown menu, select Desktop. Make note of the name in the File Name field.
  4. Click Save. The file will be saved to the Windows Desktop.
  5. Close the web browser.

Note: After running the utility described below you can delete this file from your Desktop.

Running the Media Sense Calibration Utility.

  1. Load clean white media in the printer. Do not use recycled media.
  2. Double click the dj920xx.exe file just saved to the Desktop and follow the instructions on the utility. The printer should pick a sheet of paper and shine a blue light on the sheet. Then the media should eject to the Out tray. There is no printout on the sheet of paper.
  3. Once the paper is ejected the calibration is complete.


QUESTION: What printers can use this media sense utility?
ANSWER: The DeskJet 960C, DeskJet 980C, DeskJet 990C, and PhotoSmart 1200 Series printers.

QUESTION: What Operating Systems are compatible with this media sense calibration utility?
ANSWER: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2K, and Windows NT.

QUESTION: How often should I run this utility?
ANSWER: Run this utility once. The media sense accuracy does not change over time. There is no advantage to running this utility periodically.

QUESTION: Are there any special system requirements?
ANSWER: No. This utility can be run from any Windows PC that meets the minimum product system requirements.

QUESTION: The printer picks a sheet then ejects it to the Out tray. The page has no printout. Is this all it does?
ANSWER: After the printer picks a sheet you should see a blue light appear. This blue light is part of the media sense calibration process. There is no printout on the ejected sheet.

QUESTION: I have gone into my driver and turned off media sense as the default setting ("Automatic" is not the default paper type). Will this utility recalibrate my media sense values?

QUESTION: What if I continue to experience slow printing on plain paper or print quality problems on photo media?
ANSWER: Slow printing and print quality issues can be caused from other problems. Review information in the hp support web pages for other possible causes for these symptoms. If you need assistance contact the HP Customer Care Center.

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