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HP LaserJet 3300 series software update

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Version:4.4 (26 Oct 2004)
Operating System(s):Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003
File name:LJ3300.exe (3.9 MB)
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Late Breaking Information




HP LaserJet 33XX software update addresses the following issues:

This is a software update for the hp LaserJet 33XX. This is not a full installation of the printing software. In order to use this software download, you must already have installed the full software from your in-box CD. To order a copy of the CD with the latest version of the software, please visit our CD-ROM order page.

Version 4.4
  1. Includes all enhancements provided in Versions 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3.
  2. Installation of the Lotus Notes fix provided in version 4.3 has been improved to ensure the file is updated.
  3. The "Pages in ADF" selection in the Send Fax UI can be unselected and remains unchecked until changed.
Version 4.3
  1. Includes all enhancements provided in Versions 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2.
  2. Corrects a "Class not found" message appearing with Dutch installations.
  3. Provides scan to email support for additional versions of Lotus Notus.

Version 4.2
  1. Includes all enhancements provided in Versions 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, and 4.1.
  2. Provides additional support for using the product when logged in as a User on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Printing functionality supports the Windows XP user switch feature.
  3. Improved the reliability of the fax upload program.
  4. Restarting a scan in the HP LaserJet Scan Control Viewer does not cause the software to stop responding.
  5. Removed an unnecessary symbol from the Traditional Chinese test page.

Version 4.0
  1. Includes all enhancements provided in Versions 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1.
  2. The scanner head will not return to the scanner home position between pages of a multi-page scan from the ADF provided the firmware datecode is at least 20021018.
  3. Now allow more than 1000 scans to HP LaserJet Photo Center.
  4. Corrected the justification of flatbed scans to the top-left corner.
  5. Added additional media sizes for flatbed scanning.
  6. Flatbed scans in auto mode now honor the input scan size.
  7. Exporting an HPD file while it's still open no longer causes an application error.
  8. Singificantly improved the speed of Black and white scanning.
  9. Scanning to Image and Text file destination in black and white no longer results in an invalid HPD file.
  10. Images are now only scanned once from the flatbed in auto mode for resolutions under 600 dpi.
  11. Scan to email now defaults to multi-page capability for tif formats so all pages will show up in the resulting email.
  12. Resolved a 83000501 application error, which occurred when scanning in black and white to the Imaging destination.
  13. Selecting File and Exit in the scan user interface after scanning some pages in page by page mode now closes without crashing.
  14. Scanning in Black & White now results in black & white data in the destination instead of grayscale.
  15. Removed the ability of one user to intercept scans of another user in network environments.
  16. The Twain scan preview window no longer disappears in a network environment.
  17. Updated the message displayed when canceling a Copy Plus operation to be more appropriate.
  18. Changed the error message displayed when initiating a copy while a scan is in progress to more appropriately reflect the busy state of the device.
  19. Corrected a spelling error in the French HP LaserJet Copy user interface.
  20. Corrected the Portuguese and Spanish text in Standard Sizes of the HP LaserJet Copy interface.
  21. Updated the default paper size in the HP LaserJet Copy interface to be equivalent to the rest of the software.
  22. A delayed fax is now sent after being previewed.
  23. Sending a delayed fax from the HP LaserJet Send Fax is faster.
  24. Removed references to the HP LaserJet 3200 from the Send Fax About box.
  25. A phone book empty error no longer occurs when loading a full phone book from the HP LaserJet Configuration Utility or the HP LaserJet Send Fax.
  26. Long fax jobs can now be recieved to PC correctly.
  27. When previewing a fax with a document in the ADF, the HP LaserJet Send Fax does not try to re-scan from the flatbed.
  28. "Unable to Send Fax" message no longer occurs when faxing concurrently in a network environment.
  29. Corrected an issue on the fax cover page template, Sample03, where the date is truncated to two characters.
  30. Removed extraneous characters that were displayed when using the hp LaserJet Cover Page Editor from the HP LaserJet Send Fax in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
  31. Updated the "Add Individual Name" hotkey in the HP LaserJet Configuration to remain consistent after adding a name in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
  32. Corrected some contextual issues in the Danish Cover Page Editor.
  33. Fax numbers entered with commas and dashes display correctly on a Cover Page Template.
  34. Removed extraneous characters from the default sample cover page when using the HP LaserJet Cover Page Editor in Traditional Chinese.
  35. Improved the handling of concurrent use of multiple functions. For example scanning and faxing at the same time in both direct and networked connected cases.
  36. Reduced the occurrences of "scanner disconnected or powered off" messages after a scan if the scanner is in an error state.
  37. Resolved an "Unable to Communicate with Device. The device is powered off or disconnected" message when retrieving a file using the hp LaserJet Device Configuration Utility.
  38. Added the capability to delete Application Links created when using Publish to Web.
  39. Publish to Web destinations will now display in the HP LaserJet Scan Control Viewer.
  40. Resolved a Scan failure, "Unable to start a scan session. Device is busy", which occurred when attempting to fax a second time after the first fax was not sent and resulted in the fax interface locking up.
  41. Corrected the position of a hotkey when accessing the HP LaserJet Director in Traditional Chinese.
  42. Enlarged the buttons within the Application Linking interface to eliminate Dutch clipped text.
  43. Corrected a spelling error in the HP LaserJet Document Manager for Czech.
  44. Corrected an improper use of the word "advanced" in HP LaserJet Photo Center when using Danish.

Version 3.1
  1. Includes all enhancements provided in Versions 2.1 and 3.0.
  2. Fixed hang on some systems during application linking.
  3. The General tab is not available in the Scan Control Viewer when scanning from the HP LaserJet Director.
  4. A timing problem that resulted in received faxes being logged, but the associated documents not being visible has been corrected.
  5. Resolved some instances of device communication errors that occured with the Device Configuration Utility when retrieving data from a file.
  6. Previewing a fax does not re-scan the paper from the scan bed.
  7. Black and white scans now result in black and white images at the destination.
  8. Improved black and white image compression.
Version 3.0
  1. Specifying a resolution of 0 dpi in the HP LaserJet Scan Control Viewer will produce a scan at the default resolution for the specified destination.
  2. Re-sizing a region to a larger area after scanning in page-by-page mode completes.
  3. The HP LaserJet Configuration Utility matches the 16-character limitation of the device and allows only 16 characters to be imported into a speed dial name.
  4. The CopyPlus progress dialog updates and ends appropriately while the print job is spooling.
  5. The Print 80 column wide option is unselected when grayed out after changing from A4 to Letter paper size.
  6. Clicking OCR, Email or Archive from the HP LaserJet Director while a scan is already in progress is ignored.
  7. The language setting from the control panel matches the language setting in the HP LaserJet Device Configuration Utility.
  8. Dialog boxes were re-sized to avoid truncated text.
  9. HP LaserJet Director Archive button defaults to the hpd file format instead of tif.
  10. The Advanced Settings button no longer displays the resolution when accessed through the Director's wizard.
  11. The windows displaying the list of applications available for application linking in the HP LaserJet Document Manager has been re-sized to show more of the application name.
  12. Improved TWAIN scanning with Textbridge.
  13. Improved user interaction for network scanning.
  14. Fixed several intermittent device communication errors.
  15. Scan to Email through Outlook Express now sends successfully if a user has specified an email address in the HP LaserJet Director Email Options.
  16. Adding a warning dialogue that the application is busy when trying to launch a second instance of the scan software instead of closing.
  17. Increased the default resolution for Scan To Email to 150 dpi.
  18. Updated ReadIris files for better OCR capability.
  19. Improved the PDF search results for Asian files to remove erroneous characters.
  20. The uninstaller now runs faster and more completely.
  21. Updated several localized sizing and wording windows.
  22. Corrected the references of Web Paper to Intelligent Scanning Technology for several languages.
  23. Added the ability to fax documents from the flatbed using the Send Fax UI.
  24. Black and white multi-page scans no longer cause the system to hang.
  25. Resolved a General Protection Fault generated by the Hpphpd.exe file during installation.
  26. Resolved a General Protection Fault generated by the Hppcopy.exe during a cancel.

Version 2.1
  1. Improved faxing to a group for the HP LaserJet 3330.
  2. Added Office XP into the scanning destination list.
  3. The 'Scan To' feature from the device requires no interaction with the software.
  4. Enabled one-trip network scanning.
  5. The 'do not show me this again' message works for the email button.
  6. The 'Large amounts of data' message will appear when scanning documents that result in a file size greater than 84 MBytes.
  7. The Gamma correction for IPE scans was corrected to 2.2 so scans will be lighter.
  8. Improved the accuracy of the automatic cropping of scanned images.
  9. Spooler now clears after printing so it doesn't reprint at re-boot.
  10. Corrected the uninstaller to prevent a possible error condition (and message) that occurs when uninstalling the software.
  11. Corrected a problem that could result in Dr Watson messages when scanning at resolutions other than 300dpi.
  12. Resolved some occurances of 'Unable to print to LPT1' error messages on Windows 95.
  13. Other minor fixes.



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