Drivers & software for HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series

HP LaserJet 5100 printer firmware for single/multiple printers - Mac operating systems - (Must read README.TXT before installing)

By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions of the HP Software License Agreement.

WARNING: Read the following information before upgrading.
There are operating system requirements for the printer's firmware upgrade processes. Please use one of the methods described in the readmefw.txt file to ensure a successful upgrade.

The hp LaserJet 5100 series printers feature the capability of a Remote Firmware Upgrade. The method for downloading Remote Firmware Upgrades from the Web site is similar to that used to download the latest printing system software and printer drivers.

Revision History

Current Version MB8.23
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Why Would I Need to Perform a Firmware Upgrade?

Similar to Hewlett Packard providing improved software for your hp LaserJet 5100, hp will be providing firmware upgrades for your printer throughout its lifecycle. A firmware upgrade may be necessary if you determine you benefit from an improvement that is documented in the readmefw.txt file.

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Determining the Current Level of Firmware

To determine the current level of firmware installed on the printer:
  1. Go to the printer control panel.
  2. Press Menu until INFORMATION MENU appears on the control panel display.
  3. Press < Item > until PRINT CONFIGURATION appears on the control panel display.
  4. Press Select to print the Configuration Page.
  5. Look in the Printer Information section of the Configuration Page to find the Firmware Datecode. The Firmware Datecode will look something like this: 20010925 MB7.104
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Download and Upgrade Information

WARNING: Please review the the readmefw.txt file for detailed instructions on how to upgrade single and multiple printers.

Note: this download file supports both single and multiple printer upgrades.

Multiple Printer Upgrade: If upgrading for multiple printers Web JetAdmin V.6.1 or later is required. After downloading the firmware file, click here if necessary to download Web JetAdmin (

  • Download into a temporary directory of your choice.
  • Run the file name to extract. Please note that this file extracts into a directory. You will have the opportunity to change the drive and directory.
  • You are now ready to perform the upgrade process. For a successful upgrade, these file(s) MUST be prepared per the 'Upgrade' instructions in the readmefw.txt file.
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